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The Web Stylist was awesome to work with! He took the exact ideas and vision described to him and turned them into the sleek design that had been envisioned.  He works really fast under tight deadlines, is honest, responds quickly to changes, and is a consummate professional. I would highly recommend him!”


-Galina / Visionary Genius Marketing & Productions / VisionaryGenius.com

In my experience, a lot of people these days tend to over-promise and under-deliver.  But Sterling was a breath of fresh air.  Not only did he under-promise and over-deliver but I’m confident that there is no designer in LA, or anywhere out there, that could EVER put something like my site together in only five days and with such creative freedom.  Most designers need their hands held the whole way but not Sterling. I couldn’t be happier with my amazing final product.”


-Brett Rigby / Singer, Model, Songwriter / BrettRigby.net

Sterling Williams is a creative force of nature!  His mind and abilities surpass any creative genius I have met.  No matter what project I am considering, he always offers fresh, cutting edge, brilliant ideas and implementation.  Without him, what I envision in my mind, would never see the light of day!  Not only does he ‘release you to the world’, he extracts the raw ideas and makes them a reality.  He is my creative super hero!”


Mary Ann Borders / Creator of the Feeling Blocks®

Even though we outfit celebs from Snoop Dog to Justin Beiber, and Michael Jackson to Lady GaGa, we had never made having a website showcasing all of our one-of-a-kind outfits any kind of priority.  That is until the day we worked together with Sterling on a fashion project and he gave us that push.  The very next day he emailed a mockup of a STAR STUDDED website he could have up, saying to us “within a week I’m going to have all those amazing celebrity outfits you and Rolando have made over the years finally up live for the entire world to see!”  We were blown away because not only did he, but Sterling created a custom styled front page and layout that even had our jewels and studs styled into it… the entire layout was just so sick and so Star Studded!”


-LB / StarStuddedInc / StarStuddedInc.com

Working with Sterling was a truly great experience.  Our company needed a website made urgently, and he stepped in and took our existing ‘old school’ site and gave our company site a full blown 2013 makeover.  Sterling was so patient and understanding with our dilemma, and literally the next week we had a brand new site that we promoted with extreme confidence, and the response was amazing.  We present our new South Pacific Fight Gear to our now growing customer base daily with our heads UP!  I would recommend THE WEB STYLIST  to anyone and every company that is looking for that extra UMMFF!! to their site. We at South Pacific Fight Gear will hope to always continue working with Sterling for ALL of our website needs. ”-


Carlos Mendoza III / Creative and Technical Director / SouthPacificFightGear.com

Sterling Williams is a creative genius when it comes to designing websites. I gave him a simple idea of what I wanted, and he turned it into a masterpiece in such a short amount of time! I was extremely impressed on his work ethic and artistic skills, it’s no wonder he comes so highly recommended!”


Jen Kucsak / Blogger / MyMomThinksImaLesbian.com

There are many great technical wizards out there when it comes to the nuts and bolts of web design.  The difference with THE WEB STYLIST is Sterling’s way of understanding the true essence of what the client is about, and making that an integral part of the look and feel.  When visitors see your site for the first time, it should be a snapshot of you, your talents and brand, and even a bit of your soul.  SitesbySterling was able to capture that perfectly for me.  Add to that an extremely clean, professional look and functionality, an incredible price, and you have an ideal, one-stop custom web service.”


Jesse Brewster / Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter / JesseBrewster.com

After DJing a few shows Sterling advised me about the importance of having a strong web presence. I realized I needed something professional and dynamic to represent my DJ style and skills. Within a week of agreeing with THE WEB STYLIST to create my first website, I had my DJ page visable and audible to the the World. Sterling created some amazing promotional imagery with the few DJ photos I had. He embedded my SoundCloud mixes into an easy cue audio player, a video stream and custom visitor contact/feedback form.  The ‘one stop’ service he offers was invaluable to building my DJ business.  And then after I began hosting a Live show on TRadioV, he designed an insane site for us, with mobile and tablet designs included. Anyone who doesn’t have a website needs take advantage of SitesbySterling today!”


DJ Asra / DJ, Musician / DJAsra.com

Sterling created a beautiful website for my interior design business.  The home page in particular is  absolutely stunning, and I’ve received countless compliments on the style and feel of it.  Thank you so much, Sterling, for your hard work and vision.  I’m delighted with the results!”


Dianna Williams / Interior Designer / TradewindsInteriors.com

The Web Stylist was quick, professional and with little direction nailed the overall look and feel of my site and brand. Not to mention his prices are bananas. I have already recommended him and will continue to until the end of time”


Talie Miller / CEO /  ItsTME.com

Sterling had so many great ideas for our site that we didn’t even think were possible! He got everything done in a timely manner and was always available to set up meetings to discuss our site. The GregorioPhoto team is very grateful that Sterling created our amazing website! We are so happy with the outcome!”


Nicole McMaster / GregorioPhoto.com

After struggling to get our website up and running, Sterling Williams came to our rescue. He listened to our needs, came up with a plan, and created a website that is current, informative, interactive, and dynamic. The individual attention Sterling gave to our website allowed for David Schat’s Bakery Café’s website to be up and running faster than I’d ever thought possible. I highly recommend Sterling Williams to everyone.”


Carrie Schat / Co-Owner of Schats Bakery Cafe



The Web Stylist made my Year!"


-Beatriz Cazares / Actress, Model / BeatrizCazares.com


I've been getting so many compliments on my new website,  you sir are incredible!  You went far above and beyond what I'd imagined and just thank you so much for everything."


Ruben Samuel Cortez / Director, Photographer, Editor / RubenSamuelCortez.com


When we first met to go over the design I was immediately impressed by Sterling's creative input.  It wasn't just about plugging in my info.  He was throwing out all kinds of really cool ideas and referencing other work of his, to show how my site, might look.  Working with him in the cloud on Trello made a huge difference to how I've communicated with web builders before.  He was lightning fast.  I would shoot him some notes and in a matter of moments he would implement and ask me to check it out.  There were some challenges with the creative idea we initially agreed upon, of having elevator doors that opened, and I thought we would have to scrap the concept but Sterling was on it.  He figured out a way to make the design work and I couldn't be happier.  Once we had the look and flow laid down his creativity and commitment didn't end.  His commitment to getting everything just right was impressive.  Even after we finished the job, after a week, I noticed a little hiccup.  He responded in minutes and helped me solve the problem.  Thanks Sterling!"


Sky Soleil / Actor, Director / ElevatorFilm.com




"Sterling Williams is a one of a kind web designer! I had been hesitant for years to set up a website because I thought it was going to be a giant hassle, costly and take a lot time which I didn’t have. I was so glad that this was not the case with 'The Web Stylist'. I had a website up and running within a couple of weeks that was within my budget and it was so easy with Sterling’s help! I was so impressed with his dedication to getting the job done and how easy it is for me to now even maintain my new site. I have a cutting edge website that is also mobile friendly and all was designed in in less time that I could have ever expected.   Sterling is extremely professional, tremendously talented and delivers more than what you were hoping for. I would recommend his services to anyone that is looking for an uber cool, modern, custom web design (and one within a budget).

Thank YOU Sterling!


Vanessa Genieva Williams / Model, Spokesperson / VanessaGenieva.com



The Web Stylist is that rare mix of highly creative artist and skilled technician. Prior to coming to Sterling for my web site design, I had spent a considerable amount of time designing my business cards (the "pre-web first impression" Ha!).  From just my business card design, a brief conversation about what I did, and who the audience is that I am trying to reach; Sterling put together a web design that served my needs to a T.  I couldn't be happier.  I had a general idea and basic concept that I was working with, but Sterling took it to the next level; creating something that far exceeded my expectations.  It communicates all the essential information that I need to get out there in a classy, stylish, and entertaining way that further accentuates the branding I have already been developing"


J.P. Brennan / Director, Writer / JPBrennan.com




"One of the best decisions I've ever made was hiring Sterling to build my website. He was able to take my abstract ideas and create something very crisp and clean looking. If you're serious about your brand and want to work with a professional, I would highly suggest you hit up THE WEB STYLIST!!"


Marcus Smith III / Actor, Musician



After searching far and wide for a web designer, I found #TheWebStylist and my gloomy days of web designing immediately became brighter.


Sterling’s dedication to his business is captivating and it reflects through his work. I contacted Sterling for a website and I got more than the webpage I first contacted him for. Working with Sterling gave me insight into his business etiquette and positive outlook on life which are great attributes to have for any business.


Sterling’s fast turn around times on his work and knowledge about web design makes his job seem easy. I occasionally venture into making changes to my website which result in a complete disaster. Luckily, I can always count on Sterling to save my day. I am a Marine Biologist and a sailor so I will focus on that and will leave my web designing to the man who does it best #TheWebStylist.


Angelica Zavala Lopez / Marine Biologist, Sailor





Sterling, see the compliment emailed to me!!!  Thanks again I'm getting rave reviews about the website!


'Your website was beyond my expectations. Unbelievable! You'll have to give me the name of your designer!


So proud of you! Amazing work'


Dr. Tonya Wood / Psychologist / TonyaWood.com


Excellent! I searched for the right designer/builder for a year. Sterling is one of a kind. He was fast, patient, enthusiastic…an absolute pleasure to work with. This is my fourth website (first time working with Sterling) and the first time I did not have to worry about anything. I cannot recommend him enough!!!Excellent! I searched for the right designer/builder for a year. Sterling is one of a kind. He was fast, patient, enthusiastic…an absolute pleasure to work with. This is my fourth website (first time working with Sterling) and the first time I did not have to worry about anything. I cannot recommend him enough!!!


Lisa Wentz / Motivational Speaker / LisaWentz.com


The Web Stylist far exceeded my expectations and I would love to hire him again and very

happy to recommend him.  Thanks again!”


-Rich Talarico / Emmy Award winning Writer, Director, Actor / RichTalarico.com


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